Energy Costs Rising with the Heat? How to Bring Bills Down as Temperatures Go Up

Energy Costs Rising with the Heat? How to Bring Bills Down as Temperatures Go Up

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Temperatures outside are rising and often lead to increased energy bills.

It's the middle of summer and temperatures are high. Some want to spend more time in the house, staying out of the heat and in the comfort of their air conditioned homes. This leads to the need for low air conditioning temps, leaving residents with higher electricity bills.

LeRoy Harvey, Meridian Township's Recycling and Energy Coordinator, says this can be avoided.

"One of the biggest users of energy in the summer time is cooling," said Harvey. "If you can reduce the heat that is getting into your living space or your working space by turning off unused appliances or turning off lights, that will reduce heat build up and allows your to use less energy over all."

According to The Department of Energy, lowering your air conditioning temperature while you are away and during the night could decrease your bill by five to 15 percent.

Some electricity companies even charge lower rates at varying hours of the day. By using your appliances early in the morning or late at night could also help to lower monthly rates.

If you want to take it one step further; unplugging appliances not in use, closing your blinds and using circulating fans could impact your monthly price as well.

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