Northwind Drive Mixed Use Planned Unit Development Proposal

Northwind Drive Mixed Use Planned Unit Development Proposal

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Township Board, heard a proposal for the Mixed Use Planned Unit Development (MUPUD) Concept at their June 6th meeting.

The proposal received suggestion for the detailed plan of the expansion of the newly built apartment complex, Red Cedar Flats, on 2875 Northwind Drive.

With hopes of demolishing the existing unused office buildings in the area, Red Cedar Flats LLC anticipates on constructing a new three story, 73,200 sq. ft. apartment building, which will consist of 77 one bedroom units and 17 two bedroom units.

"This is a marketing rate project that we are seeing with an existing project two years ago," said Ron Calhoun, Representative of Red Cedar Flats. "...A tremendous demand in one bedroom units and we're seeing that out of faculty, staff, and professional people."

Although some board members, such as Trustee Dan Opsommer and Clerk Brett Dreyfus, found the building of the footprint appropriate because the planning of building a higher high density apartment that mostly consists of single occupants, other members felt otherwise.

"I have some real concerns," stated Treasurer Julie Brixie. "...about over-development of apartment housing in the region and its impacts on...our neighbors and apartment stock."

The Township Board recommended to representative that a bit more planning and more suggestions will be needed to take place, prior to voting on this proposal.

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