Meridian Cares Silent Auction Fundraiser Raises Money for Residents in Need

Meridian Cares Silent Auction Fundraiser Raises Money for Residents in Need

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The annual Meridian Cares Fundraiser was held May 18th in efforts to raise money for Meridian Township's Community Resources Commission (CRC) Emergency Needs Fund.

The benefit and silent auction event was held at Henry's Place in Meridian Township. Primarily focusing on raising money through ticket sales and auction items, the money raised is for residents in the Township who are in need of assistance.

"The CRC is a really worthy organization, and if they want a charity that they want to donate to where 100% of what they donate goes directly to people in need, then the CRC is it," explained CRC Commissioner Georgia Styka.

The silent auction had a varity of items to bid on ranging from American Girl Dolls to a Beauty and Spa package. All of which were generously donated to the CRC by various groups and organizations. The event was open to the public for only $25 and included free desserts and appetizers.

By December 2017 the Township hopes to raise $10,000 to help replenish funds for the Community Resources Commission Emergency Needs Funs; the Meridian Cares Fundraiser was another step closer to that goal.

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