Newest Potential Development: Hannah Farms East

Newest Potential Development: Hannah Farms East

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - After months of deliberation, the Township Board has yet to come to a final decision regarding the newest potential development project, Hannah Farms East located on Hannah Boulevard and Eyde Parkway.

This development would build on the open land associated with the other single-family housing units; Lodges 1, Lodges 2 and Hannah Lofts.

While nothing is official, the project developer has made several changes to their initial request.

When first brought to the board, Hannah Farms East, was designed to be a create 256 new units. After debate from the board and comment from the public, the Board requested the project developer lower the number of units.

Owner representative, Mark Clouse, stated at the May 2 Township Board meeting that the new proposal has been decreased from 256 units to 159 units.

"The best way to improve house stock is to not restrict the housing market but to increase the housing market close to campus," said another Hannah Farms East representative, John Acken.

There has been push back from the public during Township Board meetings.

Indian Lakes Estates resident, Joe Pavona, was just one of multiple community members to make a statement against Hannah Farms East at last nights meeting.

"Please consider negotiating the preservation of open space in the final parcel of land that will not only preserve and strengthen residential neighborhoods but also open space in natural areas," said Pavona. "Two of the eight goals stated in the master plan."

Pavona beleives developing this land not only goes against Meridian Township's master plan but will also decrease community appeal.

"I am asking the board to realize it is not too late to do something for the surrounding neighborhoods," said Pavona.

Still undecided, Township Treasurer, Julie Brixie, had a few good things to say about the changes to the initial project.

"I want to thank you for providing as much green space as you have," said Brixie. "I envision for this site an active community."

Even though changes have been made to incorporate more green space, community members are still upset with the potential project.

One community member said, "I live close to Lodges 1 and Lodges 2." Two newer developments in the same area. "And I know the amount of Police calls have also increased, in fact, I've made a few of them."

While Brixie had a few complements to the project operation, she also stated, "I don't like the lack of diversity in the housing we are seeing. I'm really concerned for the future of all the multi-family units in the community."

Finally, Pavona ended his public comment with this statement. "Preserving the 200 feet of open space of natural area that backs up to the subdivision would not only provide an excellent buffer but only help bring the entire area more in line with the master plan."

There is still no final decision on the development of Hannah Farms East. Meridian Township's Township Board will continue to discuss this project at future meetings.

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