What's The Housing Market Like in Meridian Township?

What's The Housing Market Like in Meridian Township?

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Buying a house is a lifetime investment. Is 2017 the right time to buy in Meridian Township?

"When I bought my first mortgage in 1983 interest rates were at about 14-15 percent for a house now anybody can get a mortgage rate at pretty much under 5 percent, what a great deal," said Merle Boehmer, real estate agent.

Many buyers are looking in the Township.

"My wife and I are looking for a 3 bedroom ranch. We're getting older so we want to stay away from the stairs. My job brings me to this area and we really want a nice neighborhood that looks like people take care of their property," said Eric Elhers, current Battle Creek resident.

Because of the high demand, it's a great time to sell in the area.

"This is a pretty strong market right now. The demand is up quite a bit over the past few years. Right now its a little bit of a sellers market meaning there's more buyers than there is sellers so the prices are edging up a little bit," Boehmer said.

And as prices rise, houses are selling faster and faster.

"The biggest problem is you find a house and literally within hours it goes into pending. So the markets just moving so fast its hard to find something and really shop and look at everything you wanna look at before you make an offer," Elhers said.

Haslett homes average to about $151,000-153,000 and Okemos homes average at about $260,000. The driving forces of people coming to this area are jobs and the good school district.

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