Pedestrian Safety A Concern for Residents of Meridian Township

Pedestrian Safety A Concern for Residents of Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Pedestrians are an important part of Meridian Township, but are they practicing proper pedestrians safety?

A common spot where pedestrians cross the street without a designated cross walk is on Grand River between Okemos and Marsh Roads. Often times, residents are crossing to get to businesses such as Meijer or McDonalds. The nearest crosswalks are at Grand River Road and Okemos Road and Grand River Road and Marsh Road.

Some residents risk their lives everyday to cross the busy road.

“It just seems really pointless to be honest and I didn’t really know about it honestly. But to walk all the way down there just to get across?," said Meridian Township resident Cherelle Kendrick.

Lansing Transportation Service Center Operations Engineer Tom Fisher encourages all pedestrians to cross safely using the crosswalks provided.

Crossing in the middle of the road is a worry that is gaining attention in the Township.

Meridian Transportation Commission Vice Chair Tim Potter says there is no real protection for pedestrians crossing.

"It always scares me and it really concerns me to see people doing that. It’s a personal choice, I realize that," Potter said.

That personal choice could be fatal.

“A vehicle traveling at the speed limit on Grand River hitting a pedestrian, that would be the pedestrians fault," Meridian Township Police Sergeant Scott Dawson said. "Person versus car, you’re going to lose."

According to National Conference of State Legislatures, in Michigan, "vehicles must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians within a crosswalk that are in the same half of the roadway as the vehicle or when a pedestrian is approaching closely enough from the opposite side of the roadway to be in danger."

Which is why some some residents have been pushing for a mid-block crossing.

Fisher said there are not any plans to improving crossing in that area due to the number of driveways.

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