A Day of Coffee Hours with Senator Curtis Hertel Jr.

A Day of Coffee Hours with Senator Curtis Hertel Jr.

OKEMOS - Curtis Hertel Jr., State Senator for the 23rd District in Michigan hosted a day of coffee hours where he will attend six different locations around the district to speak with constituents about issues they have.

Hertel Jr. started his day at Grand Traverse Pie Company in Okemos where he spoke with a group of locals who voiced their concerns about multiple issues within the state including poor infrastructure of roads, education, taxes, insurance rates and gerrymandering.

Hertel Jr. stated that gerrymandering is very prevalent and that both sides of government do it.
"It's important to ask, do you want legislatures choosing their voters or voters choosing their legislatures?," said Hertel Jr. "Redistricting used to be an art, now it's a science."

Hertel Jr. spent an hour at the location before heading off to his next stop in Leslie, Michigan. Hertel Jr. said it is important for him to hear what the people want.

"I think that the most fundamental thing that we can do as elected officials is listen to our constituents. Although we are not always going to agree, it's my responsibility to hear what people care about so I can represent them better," said Hertel Jr. "I hope what people get out of it is that a public servant cares about them."


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