Meridian Senior Center Hosts Dementia Virtual Tour

Meridian Senior Center Hosts Dementia Virtual Tour

OKEMOS - March 22nd, members of the Meridian Senior Center had an opportunity to experience Dementia through a virtual tour.

Participants were asked to perform a numbers of tasks, the hardest part of it all, was reactions to the tasks were a real life example, of how one would be if they were diagnosed with Dementia.

“The individuals that participate they come and first we have them sign a non-disclosure form, that were just doing it voluntarily. They go through a pre-test of just agree or disagree, it's all opinion and it's really just based on the premise of what they think Alzheimers or Dementia really is,” said Nathan Ross, Hometown Health and Hospice.

After members filled out the form they were asked to put on a special set of glasses, headphones that blocked the noise, and went into a dark room filled with strobe lights, while performing simple everyday activities.

“Everybody is different in the way they respond to that room, some are very task oriented and will pick up things a lot quicker. Love ones that come in really benefit from it because they see what their loves ones are going through, and that behavior really is justified, so we always encourage them to come and experience it first hand,” said Ross.

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