Why Meridian Township?

Why Meridian Township?

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Since 1998 Asian Buffet has been a family owned and operated business that has grown into a cherished community staple.

"A lot of kids that's been going there since they were in grade school, then they go off to collage, and they come back and they're like 'Oh hey it's still here' so it's a nostalgic feeling," mentioned owner of Henry's Place, Henry Kwok, when asked about Asian Buffet atmosphere.

That nostalgic feeling sits close with Henry Kwok, who left his corporate job to come back to his family business, but this time to branch off.

"I wanted to do something different from the buffet style, a little more laid back," said Kwok

With a year in the making, that laid back vision and dream quickly became a reality; called Henry's Place.

"Henry's Place is actually focusing on small upscale plates and, aromatic cocktails. So what we're trying to do is basically bring handcrafted cocktails to Meridian Township. Basically fine dining, but a bar, with affordable prices," said Henry's Place Bar Manger, Chris Limbrick.

Because of Henry's love for the Township, Henry's Place opened up in Meridian Town Center. Directly next to his family owned restaurant. Due to great foot traffic and parking, Henry believes Meridian Township is the perfect location for both Asian Buffet and Henry's Place.

"Like I said, it's a a great community for families to live in, for families to dine in, to shop and to eat, so I'm really proud that I can be apart of a community to serve them, and give a good product," added Kwok

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