Township Board Discusses How Residents Will Pay Back for New Sewer Installations

Township Board Discusses How Residents Will Pay Back for New Sewer Installations

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - For years neighborhoods in Meridian Township surrounding Kansas Road and Sleepy Hollow used septic tanks to get rid of waste. Recently, Meridian Township’s Board approved the installation of new sewer systems in these neighborhoods.

The Township Board was responsible for paying the sewer contractor for the new installations. The problem now is figuring out how the Board will get their money back from residents.

During the Township Board’s most recent meeting on March 21st there was discussion on the ways in which residents can pay back Meridian Township for the new sewer systems and how much they will have to pay each year.

“Everyone came to the conclusion that these infrastructures were needed but it comes down to how are we going to pay for these things,” said Assistant Township Manager and Director of Public Works and Engineering Derek Perry.

During the meeting there were many resolutions mentioned, ranging from the Township Board meeting with the neighborhood to discuss a solution to giving residents the option to pay the Township back over the span of the next 20 years.

In many previous situations the Township Board gives residents ten years to pay them back with an interest rate of five percent which is added to their July taxes.

Steve Freemiere resides on Kansas Road and is pleased with the new sewer systems. “They are great right now, septic systems are designed to fail they just take human waste and put it into the ground.”

Previous to installing the sewers some residents on Kansas Road and Sleepy Hollow were opposed to the idea.

“Many of my neighbors were complaining when the idea of having the sewers were a discussion, they felt like it was a financial burden because they are on a fixed income. But since the installation I have heard no complaints,” said Freemire.

Further discussion on how residents will pay back the Township will continue at the next Township Board meeting on March 30, 2017.

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