Meridian Township Road Projects Look Ahead to 2018

Meridian Township Road Projects Look Ahead to 2018

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - It's that time of the year again and as the warm weather months approach expect to see some road construction as well.

Meridian Township has a lot to look forward as we move to the 2017-2018 road projects. Within the next two construction seasons, the Jolly Road at the Okemos Road intersection will have right turn lanes added northbound to eastbound, and southbound to westbound.

They will also be resurfacing the intersection and there will be no left turns as they will be detoured to other streets such as University Parkway, Woodlake Drive and Jolly Oak Street.

"In 2018 were also gonna be working on Jolly Road between Dobie and Meridian. Were going to be resurfacing that we put on a temporary maintenance resurfacing on a portion of it last year but we're going to be giving that a more complete upgrade with paved shoulders on both sides starting late 2017 but most of the work reoccurring in 2018," said William Conklin, Ingham County Road Department.

If you would like to find out more about these upcoming projects and if they affect your daily road routes, you can visit the Michigan Department of Public Transportation, or the Ingham County Road Department.


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