Study Concludes No New Traffic Signal By Haslett High School

Study Concludes No New Traffic Signal By Haslett High School

HASLETT - Traffic near Haslett High School on Marsh Road has been a concern for community members.

Last fall, Meridian Township paid for a traffic study to be conducted in the area.

Even though traffic is heavier at certain times of the day, making it difficult to exit the parking lot, the study concluded that there is not a reason to install a traffic signal.

"The findings of the study essentially were that although there are a couple times during the day when traffic counts are high and there is a level of service reduction which means that amount of cars you can move through that intersection do slow down, it wasn't enough to warrant an actual full traffic signal," said Derek Perry, Assistant Township Manager/Director of Public Works & Engineering in Meridian Township.

However, if another study is conducted in the future that shows a need for a traffic signal, one can be implemented.

Everything in the area where the study was conducted, including speed limits will remain the same.


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