Ralya Elementary Holds Will Goodale Memorial Event

Ralya Elementary Holds Will Goodale 
Memorial Event

HASLETT - Wednesday, Feb. 1 Ralya Elementary in Haslett held a memorial in honor of fifth-grader Will Goodale.

In June 2015 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. While undergoing radiation treatments he passed away that same November.

Friends and family shared some of their fondest memories, most of whom recounted his piercing blue eyes and his infectious smile.

“One of my favorite memories was when he would come home from school, I would say ‘how was your day’ because I would get home later he would say ‘Oh it was okay’. That night when he would go to bed he would look at me and ask ‘do you want to talk about our day?’ I would wait for him to say that every night,” said Ronda Goodale, Will’s Mother.

Before Will passed he had dreams of becoming a police officer. Members from Meridian Township PD as well as Michigan State PD gave recognition to Will.

“Today we presented the Goodale family with accommodation which is an award of recognition from the department of state police in remembrance of their son. Its often a tragic thing to lose a child and myself being a parent it's a very hard thing to do. Pain will pass over time and we just wanted to let the family know we were thinking about them and will continue to think about them,” said Lt. Joseph Thomas, Michigan State Police.

He was also named an honorary police officer for Meridian Township.

“The memories certainly, from kids and adults, my son made a difference,” said Shane Goodale, Will’s Father.

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