A Decision on the Walnut Hills Country Club Rezoning Has Been Postponed Until February

A Decision on the Walnut Hills Country Club Rezoning Has Been Postponed Until February

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On January 23, 2017 the Planning Commission heard from many residents during public remarks on the rezoning of the Walnut Hills Country Club property. As well from the applicant Steven Schafer. And after hours of discussing this unfinished business item the Commission declared a delay on the item to be re-presented and discussed at the February 27th Planning Commission meeting.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Walnut Hills Country Club has called Meridian Township home for more than 100 years, and this year that could likely change.

This is a discussion that many community leaders and residents are joining in on at the Meridian Township Planning Commission meetings.

Steven Schafer, President of Schafer Development has proposed a rezoning request on the land, that has not only doubled the number of attendees to the meetings, but also lead them to voice their concerns via email. Most of which begin with, “I am writing to you to oppose the re-zoning plan for Walnut Hills…”

On tonight’s agenda: Rezoning #1606 (Summer Park realty), request to rezone approximately 157 acres from RR (Rural Residential) to RAA (Single Family, Low Density) at 2874 Lake Lansing Road– is the first unfinished business item to be discussed.

This item was last discussed at the November 21, 2016 Planning Commission meeting and since then, the applicant provided a plan for the development.

Following, this plan was presented to the Planning Commission in December. A plan that most residents are strongly opposing. With main concerns being with traffic, quality of life and how Schafer plans to change the land.

“At the December meeting of the Planning Commission, so much opposition was expressed by residents that the developer, Mr. Schafer, raised his hands in frustration and exclaimed that ‘if you don't want this in your community, talk to me, I'm reasonable.’ Since it is the expressed desire of the members Walnut Hills to repurchase this property, we see this as a very strong reason to help this happen by denying rezoning,” Mr. and Mrs. Triola sent in an email. “Thank you for your efforts to listen to us and help us preserve what we love about our Township.”

The community has stated their opinions on the development and feel as if they are being directly impacted. As they have said, more housing in this area will result in more traffic, less green and natural space and have the Township become a less desirable place to live

“As a father, business owner, Walnut Hills member and more importantly, a Meridian Township homeowner, I strongly oppose Mr. Schafer request to rezone the Walnut Hills golf course. Sincerely, Rick & Gerri Gouthro,” Meridian Township residents said in an email to the Township.

The Planning Commission will continue to discuss this possible rezoning at tonight's meeting. Stay with HOMTV as we will provide updates as this story further develops.

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