Costco Set to Break Ground in East Lansing

Costco Set to Break Ground in East 

UPDATE: EAST LANSING - The final sign variance request for the East Lansing Costco development was approved last week by the East Lansing Building Board of Appeals.

At this point, developers can now move forward with the construction of the store.

ORIGINAL STORY: EAST LANSING - The Costco development is still underway and in the hands of East Lansing.

One last sign variance needs to be approved in order to move forward with construction.

According to Tim Dempsey, Director of Planing, Building and Development for East Lansing, construction for Costco may start with the Wolverine Pipeline starting next month or by March.

The idea is to have construction complete and the store open by November, prior to the holiday shopping season.

The Costco will be located on Park Lake Road where a former golf course once stood.

Along with the store itself, a gasoline and diesel fueling center is also proposed for this property.


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