Political Groups on MSU’s Campus

Political Groups on MSU’s Campus

EAST LANSING - As the general election is right around the corner, politics have been the talk of the town; even college towns.

Michigan State University students have formed and run their own political groups on campus in order to advocate for certain parities and beliefs.

With the election season, these political groups on campus felt the need to encourage their fellow Spartans to get out and vote.

One member of the MSU Democrats club registered students to vote for 12 hours one day.

The group says that 18 to 24 year olds are the least likely to vote, therefore they try to give this demographic a push to participate.

The MSU Democrats group also holds phone backs where they call voters and advocate for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

"The only way to, I guess, affect the issues you care about is by voting because you need to be able to research candidates that also agree with issues most important to you," said Kyle Flynn, Membership Director for the MSU Democrats.

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