The Importance of Safety of Black Friday

The Importance of Safety of Black Friday

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Black Friday is known as one of the busiest shopping days; after everyone enjoys a meal with family and loves ones, they get in their cars to head to the mall.

Although many get excited about the prices dropping, they should also be just as concerned about their safety in the long haul.

“To remain safe, we ask people to be aware of their surroundings making sure they keep their packages, if there in their cars out of sight in the trunks or covered. Also making sure they lock their vehicles and park their vehicles at a safe location,” said Meridian Township's Assistant Chief of Police Ken Plaga.

If you have personal belongings on you, make sure to keep them secure so that it will prevent others from having unauthorized accesses to them.

According to MASSGov some other thing that can be done to ensure safety on Black Friday are:
- Planning out a shopping trip before hand to save shoppers time and money
- Shopping with only one credit card. (it is less of a hassle to cancel one car oppose to multiple)
- Confirm all purchases and keep receipts.
- Make sure to bring a bottle of water and a few light snacks. (spending hours shopping in stores can leave people exhausted and dehydrated)

“Patience is an important thing and courtesy. People can get frustrated and a lot of times when they are shopping for many hours their patience and tempers can flare. Just try to be patient with others and maintain that holiday spirit,” said Plaga.

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