East Lansing Food Co-Op Reaches Out to Community for Local Support

East Lansing Food Co-Op Reaches Out to 
Community for Local Support

EAST LANSING - After celebrating 40 years, the East Lansing Food Co-op (ELFCO) is in need of continual community support, in order to keep their doors open.
With an emphasis on health, food and community, the co-op strives to maintain a community owned and democratically run market.

ELFCO Outreach Coordinator, Shiloh Daum said though they are in their 40th year, they are struggling right now.

"We would love the communities participation to come in to our store and shop. That would be what helps the most to keep us as a store-front option," she said. "Cooperation. It's about being here for each other. And supporting our local economy through cooperation, communication, connectedness."

ELFCO sent out a mass flyer, announcing their need for community help.

"As an urgent need we need people's help to stay here in our community and continue to service everyone," Shiloh Daum said.

They want to continue that service, especially right now with it being National Food Co-op and fair trade month.

ELFCO is recognizing this celebration by holding a bag credit donation for the Greater Lansing Food Bank. Customers who use a reusable bag, will receive a token that is equivalent to a $1.00 donation for the Food Bank.

"It's great to celebrate the co-ops across the country and we have this month to toot our horn a little bit about who we are and what a co-op is all about," ELFCO General Manager, Bruce Grambau said.

The Co-op has invited the community to attend their board meetings to discuss any co-op concerns.
As well as providing past and present owners a discount on everyday sales.

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