A Canoe Line Could Possibly Be Coming To Ingham County

A Canoe Line Could Possibly Be Coming To 
Ingham County

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - A joint effort from six communities across Ingham County could possibly make the Red Cedar River a main attraction.

A water trail proposal to have a canoe line on the Red Cedar was presented to the Park Commission at their October 11 meeting. The canoe line would travel through the 23-mile river beginning in Williamston and ending at the capitol.

The Ingham County Trail Mileage and buy-ins from the communities surrounding the river would be expected to fund the project.

"The Red Cedar River right now is a really underused and kind of in the background of the social consciousness around here. So our goal would be to put the river on the map in the community's consciousness in a positive way for the first time ever," said Jeff, Potter, founder of Out Your Backdoor LLC, and applicant for the water trail.

Before committing to the project, the Park Commission will communicate with the surrounding communities for letters of commitment.

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