Student Count Day in Michigan

Student Count Day in Michigan

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Today is the first Wednesday of October, which means it's student count day in Michigan. Every year on this day, students attendance is taken and determines the amount of funding the school will receive.

In order for a student to be counted, they must be in attendance and receive instruction in all of their classes today. However, a student may still be counted even if they are absent.

The State of Michigan says a student may be counted if that student has an excused absence and attends within 30 days following count day, has an unexcused absence and attends within 10 days or the student is suspended and attends within 45 days.

Funding is determined though the student count data from the prior school year's spring count and the current school year's fall count.

Some schools will look to increase their number of students and be sure their students are present on count day by incentives for the students. However, some schools feel this is not necessary and believe that parents will be sure their kids are in school.

Last year, the student count for Haslett High School was 883 pupils. For Okemos High School, the count from last year was 1,273.

Schools are given five weeks to report their student counts.

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