The Nature Exploration Grows at the Harris Nature Center

The Nature Exploration Grows at the 
Harris Nature Center

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - If you've ever wondered what the life of a beaver is like, well you'll soon be able to find out.

The Harris Nature Center will be adding a beaver lodge to it's nature exploration area.

The turtle sculpture, spider web, gathering circle,fossil dig, and log jam are all other interactive ways in which both children and adults can have fun at the Harris Nature Center.

The Beaver Lodge is still currently under construction. David Vanderklok is the one behind the designing and building of the lodge and has been donating all of his services to make this interactive zone come to life.

Along with this, the center has been raising money through many different ways to put together this nature exploration area.

"It's a place for kids and adults to pretend they're beavers or other river creatures. Beavers build these lodges to live in and protect themselves so we want to give adults and kids an idea of what it's like to be a beaver," said Roxanne Truhn, Vice President Of Harris Nature Center Foundation

The structure will be designed so that people can climb in it and crawl under into a beaver den.

It is anticipated that the Beaver Lodge will be completed by the end of 2016.

On October 8th the center is looking for volunteers to help on their Stewardship Day to cut down sapplings that will go in the Beaver Lodge.

Updates on the Beaver Lodge can be found on the Harris Nature Center Foundation website.

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