New Developments Have Been Added to Haslett High School's Performing Arts Center

New Developments Have Been Added to 
Haslett High School's Performing Arts 

HASLETT - Haslett High School has something to really show off-their newly renovated Performing Arts Center.

These new renovations include but are not limited to state of the art auto, lighting and projections systems. Students who have been involved in theater productions know just how beneficial these enhancements will be.

Haslett High School junior, Shannon McCloskey has been a student lighting technician for theater productions since middle school. And now she is really looking forward to using the lighting board.

"It has more lighting now and we have a lot more microphones," she said. "We can mic more people and it just looks a lot nicer too."

As well, student actor Jackson Hall is a senior at Haslett High School who has been active in the performing arts center by taking on lead acting roles. Hall said he is excited to perform on stage this year with these new developments.

"I just think the overall atmosphere was a little bit lower than what we could have had and now with the new technical aspects, I think it's going to really amplify us and bring us to a whole new level," he said.

In addition to the new technology, the multiyear process first began with exterior improvements. Haslett Public Schools Auditorium Director, Pat Hepfer said these additions included: a scene shop, proper dressing rooms, a make-up room and a couple of bathrooms.

"Our students had been changing in a small public restroom down the hall," he said. "So really kind of adding elements that weren't there before. We moved to the interior next. Where we added new seating, new over house lighting and kind of gave the auditorium a visual facelift for the audience to see."

These enhancements were made possible by the 2013 Sinking Fund Millage, which raised $600,000 a year for improvements.

And with a big performance in the works, theater students are looking forward to showing off the new auditorium in their November play, Honk.

"At the beginning when we had the purple curtain, it was very low to the ground, it was too short so you would be able to see our little feet running across the stage sometimes," Hall said. "And now with the new navy curtain it's really going to have that new Broadway feel and it's really going to be be like a Broadway production."

This newly renovated auditorium can be viewed along with Haslett High School's upcoming play, Honk on November 18 and 19th.

"It will be like a whole new show. Rather than, you know you aren't watching a high school performance anymore," Haslett High School Junior, Acting Student, Ethan Bresnahan said.

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