Walk to END Alzheimers

Walk to END Alzheimers

LANSING - The front steps to the State Capitol was home to the 2016 walk to end Alzheimer's.

Development Director of Michigan Great Lakes Chapter of Alzheimer’s Association, Melissa Goodson said, “There are people here who have the disease, there are folks who are here who have lost somebody, and their are people here just like me who are here to support the cause.”   

The cause is to have a world without Alzheimer’s. This year’s goal surpassed all expectations the organization had. Raising not only awareness but comfort and hope to everyone.

Everyone came together Sunday afternoon to create a garden of hope, as each participants in the walk were given a flower. Each flower represented many different things, from people caring for someone with Alzheimer’s to people who've lost their loved ones.

Walking participant, Nicole Bebee said, “Wonderful people get up and represent each flower and they had some great stories about each one of them.”

These flowers act as a metaphor to the ‘forget me not flower’. 
Blue represents someone with Alzheimer's or dementia 
Purple is for someone who has lost a loved one to the disease.
Yellow represents someone who is currently supporting or caring for someone with Alzheimer’s.
Orange is for everyone who supports the cause and vision of a world without Alzheimers.

With each flower is a story that is waiting to be heard. Bebee, explains the atmosphere during the event. “You see how excited they are to be here, but also when you see some people that get very emotional when they're talking about their story,”

And with every story is another reason to keep fighting, and walking for a cure.

If you would like more information, or would like to make a donation, visit: WWW. ALZ.org

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