The Deer Management Program Offers Solutions to Overpopulation

The Deer Management Program Offers 
Solutions to Overpopulation

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The 2016 Deer Management Program was discussed at the September 20th Township Board meeting.

Some issues brought forward were the overpopulation of white-tailed deer, damage to plants landscapes and car collisions involving deer.

Another issue that was discussed was the concerns of public health, as well as ecological health, especially with Chronic Wasting Disease.

At this point there have been seven deer in Ingham and Clinton Counties that have tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease.

In order to reduce the overall population of deer, Meridian Township's 2016 Deer Management Program will create a managed harvest on select Township properties throughout the archery season. The archery season begins October 1 and goes until January 1.

Also part of the Deer Management Plan is only permitting and limiting hunters who are qualified, competent and experienced. They must also be familiar with the surrounding area.

All hunting must be archery only and all of the designated hunting properties will be posted in order to inform the public.

The Township is continuing to work and follow the Michigan Department of Natural Resources permits and regulations.

On September 22nd there will be a Deer Management Archery Workshop at the Michigan State University Demmer Center from 6-8 pm. At the workshop, hunters will have the opportunity to hear about the program and both new and returning hunters can have their equipment checked.

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