The Transportation Commission Continues to be Discussed

The Transportation Commission Continues 
to be Discussed

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Township Board is continuing to discuss and form the proposed Transportation Commission.

Some suggestions that were made at the last Township Board meeting were to have around seven members on the commission, one of whom are a township board member.

It was further suggested that each member represents a specific mode of transportation, whether that be bike, bus, or rail.

The Board also discussed appointing a transportation specialist to the commission as well.

The overall goal of this commission is to involve the community to reach an overall transportation strategy for the Township.

Donna Rose, Resident, Appointed to CATA Board of Directors
" I feel like it should be for modes of trans within the township. Therefore, it wouldn't include highways, airports, or rail at this point, in my head," said Donna Rose, resident and appointed member to CATA Board of Directors.

Some of the issues that the Transportation Commission will strive to fix in the township include the the redi-ride service, the proposed Bus Rapid Transit, as well as bicyclist accommodations.

The commission will aid the Township Board in making decisions that will benefit transportation in the area and will allow for the voices of Meridian Township to be heard.

The board is continuing to organize all the terms and details involving the commission

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