Local Officer is Recognized for His Courageous Efforts

Local Officer is Recognized for His 
Courageous Efforts

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - After tackling and possibly saving the life of Jonathon Roth, an Assistant Prosecutor, Police Officer Brian Canen was awarded the highest honor from the Meridian Township Police Department.

On August 2nd in an Ingham County courtroom, Joshua Harding was on trial for two sexual assault cases when he ran towards Roth with a shank.

Reacting to the situation, Canen throws Harding to the ground, saving Roth from any injuries or even death.

Canen received Citation of Valor from Meridian Township at the August 16th Township Board meeting.

In addition to this Citation of Valor, Canen also received recognition from both the Ingham County's Chief Assistant Prosecutor and the Township Board.

The public and the board gave Canen a standing ovation for his heroic actions.

"I just wanted to help people and I feel that's my calling," said Canen.

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