Sleepy Hollow Neighborhood Petition for Water and Sanitary Sewer

Sleepy Hollow Neighborhood Petition for 
Water and Sanitary Sewer

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - After Meridian Township received two valid petitions, a new business item was brought forward to the Township Board at their latest meeting on August 4th.

The item is regarding infrastructure improvements for Sleepy Hollow neighborhood, located West of Okemos Road and South of Lake Lansing Road.

The petitions are in request for water and sanitary sewer.

According to Assistant Township Manager/Director of Public Works & Engineering, Derek Perry, Sleepy Hollow is surrounded by other neighborhoods with water and sewer utilities, in which they are now asking for the same treatment.

However, funding has become a major discussion for the project.

“The sanitary sewer project and the water project and re-doing the road, again it’s almost $900,000,” said Perry. "At some point the board would have to make a decision, if you want to proceed with this, is how would that be funded.”

The petition process presented that over 50% of Sleepy Hollow property owners are in support for both water and sewer.

The Board will continue discussion at their August 16th meeting.

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