Boil Water Advisory Lifted

Boil Water Advisory Lifted

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township and East Lansing residents and businesses can continue to use their water as normal following a Boil Water Advisory over the weekend.

The advisory was issued on the morning of Friday, August 5th due to an upset in one of the filters at the East Lansing Meridian Water and Sewer Authority treatment plant.

The upset had the potential to cause the release of harmful microbes into the drinking water and out of caution for the public's health, the advisory was placed.

"We drew numbers samples throughout the day on Friday and again on Saturday both here at the water treatment plant and in both City of East Lansing and Meridian Township water distribution systems and none of the samples showed any signs of contamination," said Clyde Dugan, manager at the East Lansing-Meridian Water and Sewer Authority.

In consultation with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the Boil Water Advisory has been lifted, as of Sunday, August 7th, and it is no longer necessary for residents to do anything prior to resuming use of their tap water.

With the evidence that no contamination was released into the drinking water, if any residents are experiencing symptoms listed in the boiling water advisory, it is suggested that they seek medical advice, as it may be a result of other causes.

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