Boil Water Advisory LIFTED

Boil Water Advisory LIFTED

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Since Friday, August 5 residents in Meridian Township and East Lansing have been under a Boil Water Advisory.

Officials released a statement at around 1pm today on Sunday, August 7 stating that test results came up negative and residents are able to use water immediately without having to flush their systems.

According to ELMWSA (East Lansing Meridian Water Sewer Authority) Manager Clyde Dugan, all samples taken showed no signs of contamination, calling for a lift of the boil water advisory. "Sample results from both East Lansing and Meridian Township distribution systems, taken on August 6, 2016 are all negative, meaning no harmful bacteria has been detected as a result of the filter upset incident," stated Dugan.

Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh stated, "We are very thankful to receive the authority to halt the Boil Water Advisory effective immediately. While Meridian Township clearly understands that human error is a fact of life, you can expect us to thoroughly review the process and procedures that led to this incident. We recognize the exemplary track record of the East Lansing-Meridian Township Water Treatment Plant. We appreciate the patience of our residents and we apologize for the major inconvenience you have experienced since Friday morning."

Township officials ask community members to help share this information.

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