Meili and Amy: Leader Dogs for the Blind

Meili and Amy: Leader Dogs for the Blind

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - For those passionate about dog training or helping out members of the community, look no further. Leader Dogs for the Blind is a volunteer group that improves the lives of everyone who encounters these golden angels. Anyone can volunteer to be a Puppy Counselor, Puppy Raiser or Breeding Stock Dog Host.

Amy Schupska, a volunteer puppy raiser for Leader Dogs for the Blind, introduced me to her 8 month old female golden retriever, Meili, a Chinese name which translates to beautiful.

Raised since she was born, Meili is now a Future Leader Dog and is nearing the end of her training. Meili has been trained to assist those who are blind/visually impaired or deaf-blind. Amy walks Meili in public places, her favorite place being the Yankee Candle store at the Meridian Mall.

This exposes her to different environments and prepares her for many encounters in the real world. Amy rewards her for keeping her eyes on her and practices basic obedience commands such as sit, stay and come.

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