Reliving History

Reliving History

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Former President of Friends of Historic Meridian, Mike Cox, brings history to life with his first-person portrayals of American historical figures.

After attending Michigan State University in 1972, Cox remained in Meridian Township, becoming actively involved with the Friends of Historic Meridian.

After retiring from his career with the state of Michigan, Cox moved to Seattle to work with the EPA, then to Anchorage to work with the Alaska Operations Office. Currently, he works and lives in North Dakota.

While living in North Dakota, Cox, a self-proclaimed history nerd, became interested in first-person interpretation of lesser-known historical figures. Having remained in contact with the Friends of Historic Meridian, Cox decided to do a benefit for the Friends while visiting his family in Michigan.

The presentation that Cox performed portrayed Civil War Senator Zachariah Chandler, one of the founding members of the Republican Party and a strong advocate for Abraham Lincoln's presidential campaign.

"Why Zachariah Chandler? Well, he's from Michigan, I'm from Michigan; he's a person who really believed in what he did, and people who have staunch beliefs appeal to me." Cox said.

Approximately two dozen people were in attendance for Cox's presentation.

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