Deer Harvest Extension

Deer Harvest Extension

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Some local hunters are set to receive an extension on deer harvesting this winter. After requesting the appropriate permits from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Meridian Township received approval for a special extended hunt through February 29th. However, hunters are only allowed to hunt on seven specific approved grounds by the Township, meaning hunting private lands is still prohibited. The permit was sought because of numerous requests from Meridian residents about the deer population.

Jane Greenway, Parks and Land Management Coordinator for Meridian Township, heard plenty about these complaints. "Residents are complaining about damage to landscaping, concern over deer/car accidents, concerns about public health, and things have basically reached a boiling point in Meridian Township with regards to deer."

The Township gave out the permits to qualified hunters and they are allowed to hunt antlerless deer only. Every deer that is hunted must be donated to the hungry through this Township approved program. The Township would have to reapply for the permit next year if needed because approval is only granted on a year to year basis.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Watch Meridian Magazine for information regarding the extended deer harvest for Meridian Township.

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For those specified locations or more information, head to the Township website for details.

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