Local Artist Shows Off Some of Her Work

Local Artist Shows Off Some of Her Work

HASLETT - Trina Taylor is a long time resident of Haslett who makes a variety of things from blankets to hats and is even an author.

Taylor originally began making blankets due to the simple fact that she didn't like the ones being sold in the stores. From there on she used her creativity to make a variety of things.

She crotchets hats as well and started this because of her granddaughter. "She wanted a hat and we went into the store and looked at them and I thought 'I could make those'," said Taylor. And so she did.

On top of the variety of clothing accessories she makes, Taylor is also the author of two books, with one in the making. Clan Tuffie and Between the Lives of Clan Tuffie are her two books that are about a young relationship that goes through some struggles.

Taylor sells her work in the Meridian Township Arts and Crafts Show in the Fall and sometimes she is at a kiosk inside the Meridian Mall.

Her books are sold online and at Schuler Books and Music Store as well.

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