On the Campaign Trail: Milton L. Scales Supervisor Candidate (D)

On the Campaign Trail: Milton L. Scales 
Supervisor Candidate

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - With the August 2nd Primary Election just around the corner, Meridian Township Democratic Candidate for Supervisor, Milton L. Scales has been hard at work with his campaign.

"It's been a busy day each and every day. Knocking on doors, putting up signs, doing mailers, having fundraisers.," Scales said. "And I don't cash a check until I put the thank you in the mail."

Candidate Scales is working toward moving Meridian forward and he wants all of the township to know his slogan and what it means.

"I like to put forth great planning efforts to ensure that we are moving forward. We are thinking about the future and moving toward the future and we are looking at the current trends and understanding are those trends appropriate for the township of Meridian," he said.

In addition to his slogan of "Moving Meridian Forward," Scales added "With a Common Sense Approach."

"Sometimes we have to take a step back and look at what were doing and why were doing it. And apply the common sense that god gave us in making our decisions," Scales said.

Candidate Scales has continued to find himself taking on leadership roles and feels he is the right fit for Meridian Township Supervisor.

"Since I have spent my entire life in leadership roles and leadership positions and preparing myself," he said. "I have an undergraduate degree in community development, I have a masters degree in public administration. I think those are excellent pre-requisites to become supervisor of Meridian Township."

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