On the Campaign Trail: Ronald J. Styka Supervisor Candidate (D)

On the Campaign Trail: Ronald J. Styka 
Supervisor Candidate

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Ronald J. Styka is the Democratic Primary winner for Meridian Township Supervisor and will now face off against Republican Candidate Tom Klunzinger in the General Election.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - With the August 2nd Primary Election just around the corner, Meridian Township Democratic Candidate for Supervisor, Ronald J. Styka has been hard at work with his campaign.

"It's been very busy, I have a group of about ten people that have been working with me on the campaign. Plus a couple of the other candidates- Dan Opsommer and Brett DeGroff. They have been going door to door," Styka said. " I've done mailing to everybody, absentee voters, I've gone to a lot of meetings. I've set up neighborhood gatherings, I've been working hard at it."

Candidate Styka is working toward creating One Meridian and he wants all of the township to know his slogan and what it means.

"One of the things about Meridian Township, we have Okemos which is Okemos schools and post office. We have Haslett schools and post office, and East Lansing is the thing with schools and post office. And a little corner that's Williamston. And everybody that you ask where do you live they say I live in Okemos, I live in Haslett. They don't say I live in Meridian Township and I would like to see that change. I would like to have one identity of Meridian Township," he said.

In addition to his slogan of "One Meridian," Styka has followed the the slogan "Making Sense of Government" for years now.

"I think that government can make a lot of sense and that's what I try to do in my decision making and representation of the people," Styka said.

Candidate Styka has always been involved in the public sphere and feels he is the right fit for Meridian Township Supervisor.

"I do have a history of bringing people together, you know trying to figure out what the issues really are, all politics is local, and try to resolve things so we can have a good result," Styka said.

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