First Responders Presumed Coverage Fund

First Responders Presumed Coverage Fund

LANSING - The First Responders Presumed Coverage Fund has finally been funded and can immediately begin paying out claims to those firefighters who have unfortunate work related cancer; guaranteeing workers compensation for firefighters.

Steve Babcock Captain firefighter in Lansing, lost his battle earlier this year to non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which was likely caused from his profession of fighting fires.

Senator Curtis Hertel Jr. who was good friends with Babcock said, "We need to make sure that we protect those who protect us, and I'm glad that this fund has not only been created but now but finally funded. This is a promise that legislator made and two years ago, and the governor made two years ago that was not kept, and it's finally being kept."

Unfortunately Babcock and his family were unable to receive the coverage before his passing; but are happy that the men and women in service within the district, and state will no longer suffer and finally receive the coverage that they deserve.

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