Thermal Imaging Camera A Great Tool for Rescue Situations

Thermal Imaging Camera A Great Tool for 
Rescue Situations

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Fire Department continues to utilize new technology for rescue type situations.

The Flir Imaging Camera is a vital tool that gives firefighters a better perspective on their surroundings as well as their own safety.

“Our main goal is for rescue type situations where we actually go into a burning building looking for people who may be trapped. We will pick up a bodies thermal temperature through smoke and heat and will be able to see them quite easily utilizing this camera,” said Tavis Millerov, Meridian Township Fire Inspector.

The camera can also be used for non fire applications, such as searching for people at night and picking up heat signatures.

“We’ve only had this unit for a couple months, it’s a great tool for us. We can actually use it to take photos, and download them for trainings later on. It’s a great tool and a necessary tool to be able to use for the fire service,” said Millerov.

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