Towner Road Park is in Pending for a Wetland Use Permit

Towner Road Park is in Pending for a 
Wetland Use Permit

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Seeing a lack of athletic fields and open space to play in northern part of Meridian Township a new action item was brought forth to the Environmental Commission.

At the last meeting on July 6th the applicant's request for a Wetland Use Permit at Towner Road Park was left in a pending stance.

Towner Road Park has three wetlands on site, in which the permit is planned for developments of a boardwalk and paved pathways over the wetlands making for universal accessibility across the park.

“It’s so nice to have your kids playing baseball or soccer and then someone else can go for a walk through the woods. And you know someone else could be catching butterflies up in the wetlands. So, that’s kind of our vision for this park,” said Parks and Land Management Coordinator Jane Greenway.

This wetland park was a former driving range, making for a great amount of space to work with.

Greenway said these wetlands are an important part of the design. As the boardwalk would create minimal impact to the wetland, being a couple feet above the surface area, allowing vegetation to still grow and water still drain underneath.

The Commission did not vote on this action item.

It is in their long term plan for a pavilion, pickle ball and many other additions to be on this site as well.

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