Haslett Gateway Project Encourages Community Involvement

Haslett Gateway Project Encourages 
Community Involvement

HASLETT - The Haslett Beautification Association (HBA) is inviting all community members to take part in a special community contest to transform a Meridian Township "eyesore" into a beautiful entrance into Haslett.

Being nicknamed the "Triangle by the lake" property due to its pie shape and proximity to Lake Lansing, this area is looking forward to a future of fresh plantings and a new, attractive welcome sign.

"As a prominent piece of property on the northern approach to Haslett's commercial area, we want to create a beautiful gateway that tells people here's a community people care about and are willing to make attractive with colorful plantings and flowers," said Teri Banas, President of the Haslett Beautification Association.

The Ingham County Land Bank took control over this unmaintained property with a condemned structure on it back in August 2015. The county cleared and sold the property to Meridian Township.

The area is bordered by Marsh Road, Lake Street and Reynolds Road. The HBA launched this community project to bring life to the area while engaging in community involvement as well.

Those who are interested can submit their design plans or ideas until Sept. 30, 2016 and the HBA will choose the best ideas and use those towards the property's plans.

The HBA also started a fundraiser to help pay for any materials needed for the project and they donated $700 toward the purchase of the new $4,000 sign.

"We're asking the community to invest in this project for the common good. Plus, the more people become engaged in their community, the more invested they are in it," said Banas.

The project is planned to launch in spring 2017.

All contest guidelines can be found on the HBA's website.

Additional Resources
Donations will be collected at www.beautifyhaslett.com via PayPal or you can send checks to the Haslett Beautification Association, PO Box 22, Haslett, Michigan 48840.

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