Lock It Up Campaign Helps Residents Protect Themselves From Vehicle Theft

Lock It Up Campaign Helps Residents 
Protect Themselves From Vehicle Theft

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - We all try to stay cool in the summer. And often times, that means keeping our car windows down, vehicle engine running and forgetting to lock our doors.

The Michigan State Police and Michigan’s Automobile Theft Prevention Authority (ATPA) know this to be true– as they are reminding Michiganders to prevent auto theft by keeping their vehicles doors locked and windows up when unattended with their “Lock It or Lose It” campaign.

Special First Lieutenant Scott Woodard is the ATPA Executive Director, and he said the months of summer are traditionally the highest months for motor vehicle theft.

“That also includes items taken from your cars,” Woodard said. “So, anything left out, displayed in the open. An Iphone, and Ipad, people easily break your windows and take those items from your car."

According to the Michigan State Police, a vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds. And nearly half of those thefts occur because the door was unlocked.

This is why the State Police are reminding Michiganders that the time is now to take precaution with a personal safety plan in effect if your vehicle is stolen.

'”Think about things that could happen if you are approached. What would you do? What would be your route of escape?” Woodard said. “Those sort of things and what would you do if someone approached you for your vehicle? It's much easier to give your vehicle up then it is to fight for a piece of property. It's easier to save your life then it is your car."

Over the last ten years, the ATPA has helped to reduce the number of motor vehicle thefts in Michigan by 57%.

For more information on the Lock it or Lose it campaign visit www.michigan.gov/atpa.

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