Officials Discuss Future Land Use Classification and Map at Master Plan Work Session

Officials Discuss Future Land Use 
Classification and Map at Master Plan 
Work Session

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Planning Commission held their recent Master Plan Work Session with McKenna Associates Community Planning and Design firm on June 27th.

With seven goals in mind, the Commission is updating the Master Plan to work towards preserving and strengthening residential neighborhoods, preserving open space and natural areas, enhancing the viability of Township businesses and maintaining and expanding a diverse parks system. In addition, maintaining essential public services, providing and supporting an efficient, safe and environmentally sensitive multi-modal transportation network. And lastly, promoting efficient and sustainable growth principles.

“The regulatory job that a Master Plan achieves–it’s a tool where the township sets the development direction for really the next 20, 30 years,” said Principal Planner Paul Lippens.

It is required by the State that entities revisit the plan every five years, despite that they look 20 years into the future, it is adjusted every five years. Lippens said this allows us flexibility to think creatively and progressively about development patterns.

“The Master Plan is not a regulatory tool. It does not attach, it’s not a law, it does not change the zoning,” he said. “It is a policy essentially to permit the township to make regulatory changes.”

With many desired developments, the last work session focused on the discussion of drafting future land use classification and map. The updated map was presented to simplify and clarify the Township’s vision and goals, guiding matters of land use and zoning.

The map pictured presents the proposed changes, focusing on developments around the
Haslett, Okemos and Carriage Hills PICAs and the preservation of current character in certain areas.

Lippens said the future land use map is perhaps the most important thing in a Master Plan. Asking for comments on the future land use map, before finalizing.

The next step is to begin working with the Township Staff, Planning Commission and Board of Trustees. The next work session is on Monday, July 25th.

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