Kids can Stay Active with the Summer Playground Program

Kids can Stay Active with the Summer 
Playground Program

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - School is out and the Summer Playground Program in Meridian Township is in full swing again.

With the attendee number growing daily, the program meets at the Snell- Towar Recreation Center, Monday to Thursday from 10:30am to 4:30pm.

This is a free drop in program, designed to keep kids (ages 6-12 years old) active during the summer.

Recreation Specialist Darcie Weigand said the 8-week program is open to kids in the neighborhood and anyone who wants to participate.

“It is a free drop in program, not a day care," Weigand said. "We focus on fitness with various activities for living a healthier life. We teach leadership skills and social engagement."

Rather than kids sitting inside starring at a television screen all day, the program get's them outside walking through trails, playing dodgeball, learning about nature, eating lunch as a group and much more.

Meridian Parks and Recreation Intern Sheldon Weiss said he is really passionate about the outside and thinks it's extremely important for every kid to get the chance to get outside and play outside.

"There's nothing greater than to be outside," he said. "The weather is perfect. It’s time to get outside and get playing. There’s kind of an epidemic with video games and watching TV. It’s like why be inside when you can be outside."

The program is working with Meridian Parks' Come Out and Play program encouraging kids to count their steps and stay active all year long.

The Summer Playground Program ends on August 4th– kids can still join and come and go as they please.

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