Polling Location Change in Meridian Township

Polling Location Change in Meridian 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Some Meridian Township residents will have a bit of a farther drive for their polling location for the upcoming August 2nd Primary Election.

Those who live in precinct 20 will need to drive around five to seven minutes further than usual in order to vote due to a relocation.

The Lansing Korean Methodist Church stressed concern over their uncertainty of the future of their church and therefore can no longer be the polling location for precinct 20.

According to the state election law, a polling location must be accessible and a non-profit, among other criteria, limiting their options. The Meridian Township Clerk's Office went over maps and multiple new locations for this precinct.

Among those was the Lake Lansing Baptist Church, which would’ve been a great new location because it is only about a quarter mile from the original location. However, the church declined this request.

Murphy Elementary School in Haslett was also an option but declined the request due to traffic concerns.

However, the Haslett Public Library has approved for the precinct to use its community room as the polling location.

The Township Board moved to approve the motion for this location at the June 21 meeting.

"We are very grateful to have Haslett Library let us use their community room; it saved the day for us," said Meridian Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus.

Notices will be sent out to those residents affected by the precinct change.

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