What's Next for CATA BRT

What's Next for CATA BRT

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Township Board discussed their opinions on the CATA BRT project at their June 21st meeting.

Trustee Milton Scales said he believes the project deserves more discussion. Scales suggested creating a committee with CATA and residents who are for and against the transit system to discuss what they like and don't like, and whether or not they can come to an agreement.

Treasurer Julie Brixie recommended sending the concerns to the Planning Commission and agreed that everyone, including the Stop BRT Group should be included in a committee.

Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus also called for creation of a separate, public body that will specifically address transportation in the Township.

The next Township Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 5.


Construction is a long way away, but CATA is still in the planning phase of their Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project.

Debbie Alexander, the Assistant Executive Director of CATA, said the project is about 30 percent designed, and the next step is to get environmental clearance through an approval process with the Federal Transit Administration.

Alexander believes the transit system will be beneficial to the community at large.

"I would hope they would embrace the new system," Alexander said. "It provides a tremendous transportation advantage for all modes of travel, whether you're a pedestrian, a bicyclist, auto passenger vehicle, or you're on a transit bus."

Some of the proposed transit stations proposed for Meridian Township would be built along the current number one bus route on Grand River. Those locations include the Meridian Mall and Meijer bus stops.

CATA hopes to meet all of their approvals by the end of the year and to begin construction in 2018. The project will also be discussed at the June 21st Township Board Meeting.

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