Dangers of Leaving Pets and Kids in Hot Cars

Dangers of Leaving Pets and Kids in Hot 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - With the predicted high temps and heat advisory in effect, local officials are warning residents to never leave your child or pet in a hot car.

Heatstroke is a serious issue to be mindful of in this warm weather.

Every year there are heartbreaking child and pet fatalities related to heatstroke in vehicles. According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, children and pets can get overheated in cars even in moderate temperatures, as the temperature inside a car can easily be double the temperature outside.

Veterinarian, Dr. William E. Schultz from Schultz Veterinary clinic says, “The car can go from 65 to 66 degrees to 130 degrees within 5 or 10 minutes. It’s very very rapid, and you read on the news you hear about little children that are left in cars. It’s the same thing with children, You can’t leave a pet or a child in a closed car on a hot day. Ever. ”

“Even if the windows are open a little bit, that’s dangerous as well, it still gets hot. Even if you’re parked in the shade, still not good. don’t leave your dog in the car," stated Veterinarian, Dr. Gail S. Wolfe

According to Dr. Wolfe, dogs cannot perspire like humans, so they will go into heat exhaustion very quickly. Unfortunately, the same goes for young children.

Captain Greg Frenger of the Meridian Township Police Department stated, “With children, they’re not able to regulate their body temperature effectively yet and so those become very much more of a concern as far as the level of response that we give to those.”

The exhaustion can cause an animal or child to have brain damage, liver damage, kidney damage, and it can ultimately kill them.

Heatstroke is a preventable tragedy. If you ever see a child or pet looked in a vehicle unattended make sure to call authorities or 9-1-1 right away.

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