Protect Yourself from Ticks and Mosquitoes this Summer and "Fight the Bite"

Protect Yourself from Ticks and 
Mosquitoes this Summer and

LANSING - The Zika Virus has raised a lot of concerns in the past couple months, but according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human services Michigan is considered a low risk area for the transmission of the Zika Virus; however you should still be aware of the potential dangers. As we approach the summer season protect not only yourselves but your yards from backyard pests by fighting the bite.

The Mosquito Squad of Greater Lansing has been protecting taking proactive measures for the last ten years to ensure your family’s protection against backyard pests.

“One of the neatest things that we do is misting systems where we actually set up around the property similar to a sprinkler system but strategically located to eliminate mosquitoes,” said Michael Hoover, the founder of Mosquito Squad.

The Mosquito Squad barrier yard treatment works to kill mosquitoes on contact.

“When we look at a good barrier were looking for as much foliage as we can because when you treat that area it will become an elimination point for us we will first eliminate mosquitoes on contact so any mosquitoes we become in contact with and then our product bonds with everything we treat and will continue to eliminate mosquitoes for 21 days so the effect rates is between 85 and 90 percent,” said Hoover.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention there is no treatment for the Zika Virus, but you can treat the symptoms by making sure your stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, as well as taking medicine such as acetaminophen to reduce your fever or pain.

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