Maps from the Pathways Master Plan get Approval

Maps from the Pathways Master Plan get 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Additions to the Pathways Master Plan for Meridian Township were approved at the Township Board meeting on June 7th.

These additions include the bicycle Pathway Master Plan, map A and the pedestrian pathway priority guidance, map B.

Board members were eager to close gaps on the pathways within Meridian Township, particularly one on Grand River’s north side. An amendment was proposed to make this gap a priority.

However, this attempted amendment change to the list of priority gaps failed. It was also advocated for the priority pathways and gaps to not only be put in orange on the map, but to be listed as well.

Township Treasurer Julie Brixie said, "I want to give my accolades to Director Perry for all of the thoroughness that has gone into this item."

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