Marsh Road Bridge Update

Marsh Road Bridge Update

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Marsh Road Bridge over the GTW/CN Railroad, between Franklin Street and Haslett Road in Meridian Township, is still undergoing renovations.

The Ingham County Road Department is working to replace the beams, deck, and railings for the superstructure located between Franklin Street and Haslett Road.

Renovations for the Marsh Road Bridge started on
March 21, 2016 and are moving right along.

Engineering Tech and Project Inspector Mark Swanson said the project is making tremendous progress.

"We've already demolished the deck, the beams and the pure caps and we've reconstructed the top portion of that," Swanson said. "Now we are back filling the wall and forming up the deck so we can pour within the next couple of weeks."

During construction, the bridge is open and will accommodate north and south bound drivers.

The project deadline is ahead of schedule and is predicted to finish by the time school resumes in the fall.

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