Poor Water Quality Calls for Daniel Drain Project

Poor Water Quality Calls for Daniel 
Drain Project

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - A large retention pond surrounded by The Waldon Ponds condominiums near Grand River Avenue has poor water quality.

The fish in the pond have suddenly decreased over time as a result of the water quality and the drains underneath grand river have also been affected.

The purpose of Daniel Drain Project is to repair the issue that is affecting the water that services part of the community.

Daniel Drain Project is only in the preliminary stage before approval. After the project has been approved then designing will begin.

Public Works and Engineering Manager Derek Perry says the earliest that the Daniel Drain Project will begin is late 2017 or early 2018.

The estimated cost to successfully begin the project is two million dollars.

Perry hopes that MDOT will contribute a certain amount of money so that the estimated cost can be closer to one million dollars.

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