Books vs. E-Books

Books vs. E-Books

UPDATE: HASLETT - In today's world, just about anything is subject to being replaced or upgraded.
But what about books? Are electronic reading devices like the nook or kindle in line to make paper books obsolete? That's the question many are asking after hearing that the Barnes and Noble in East Lansing will soon be cleaning up and shutting down.
perhaps the most fascinating aspect, book outlets are almost forced to carry the products that could spell their demise.

The Nook which interestingly enough is made by Barnes and Noble, allows readers to download entire books directly to the device. It's interface includes a touch screen for choosing the book, and buttons on the side to turn the page.

Maybe paper books still have their place, like at the Haslett Library, where head librarian Ann Chapman says they are embracing the change.

"We offer classes that not only teach people how to download materials to their device, but actually what the different devices are so they can make an educated choice when they go out to buy one."

Schuler Books at the Meridian Mall in okemos still have a steady stream of customers, and offer something electronic books never will.

"An e-book reader might be fine if you know exactly what you want...a lot of people who are shopping for books don't know what they want until they see it, and that's where we come in."

ORIGINAL STORY: HASLETT - Video tapes to DVD's; bulky computers to laptops; and CD's to iPods, these are just a few technological transformations over the past years.

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